An Intimate Look At The New Jaquet Droz Grande Seconde Moon Replica Watches

Two circles within one large circle: many of Jaquet Droz replicawatches with self-winding movements are based on this design principle, which has always resulted in stylish watches, which stood out, but always in a refined way. With the new Grande Seconde Moon, the brand takes this concept to the next level. Time for a closer look!

As the name already indicates does this Jaquet Droz display the seconds in an oversized way, by means of its own subdial at the six o’clock position. This subdial is, in fact, larger than the subdial that displays the hours and minutes and that is the charm of copy watches with golden cases.

For the Moon version, the second’s hand must share its subdial with a pointer date as well as a moon phase. While adding only the moon phase would have made the watch more pure in terms of design (another aspect Jaquet Droz excels in) the pointer date greatly increases the day-to-day functionality. By displaying the dates on a sloped ring surrounding the moon phase, it highlights this complication in a novel way, integrating the date function almost seamlessly.

Jaquet Droz Fake Watches With White Dials
Jaquet Droz Fake Watches With White Dials

The moon phase is, however, the real star of the show. Jaquet Droz offers the Grande Seconde Moon in three different versions: here we have the stainless steel onyx version, as well as the gold enamel version. There is also another one with a steel case, featuring an opaline dial. Jaquet Droz incorporates the different materials in a very creative way.

The stainless steel bezels Jaquet Droz Grande Seconde replica watches  have an onyx dial. Dials made from semi-precious gemstone are still rare, and that is because they are not only precious but also very difficult to make, as you have to slice off a thin disc of Onyx from a consistent quality, to make the perfect dial. For this watch also the moon disc is made from onyx, while the moon and stars are crafted from white gold. It gives this watch a very deep, rich, yet understated look.

The red gold encased Grande Seconde Moon is like milk and honey, with the case being the honey and the enamel dial the milk. Here the moon phase disc is made from gold, which is later on blued, featuring moon and stars made out of red gold. All models are powered by Jaquet Droz’s manufacture caliber 2660QL3, which features a double mainspring barrel, as well as a silicon balance spring and pallet horns.

It is surprising how long it actually takes until you realize that the majority of the dial is empty. It puts even more of an emphasis on the oversized seconds, as well as the moon phase. The top Jaquet Droz Grande Seconde replica watches also give you the opportunity to enjoy the enamel or onyx dial in its purest form, unadorned. Perhaps that is also the true strength of not only this Grande Seconde Moon, but all Jaquet Droz’s.

The Comeback of The Oris Regulateur ‘Der Meistertaucher’ – With Probably The Best Possible Display For A Dive Replica Watch

Think about it for a second… What is the most important feature of a dive watch? Its water resistance? Its second hand? Its bezel? Of course, it is a combination of these elements however, pro-divers won’t contradict me, THE ultimate feature of a dive watch is the minute hand. For safety reasons, the minute hand is key to calculate remain diving time and decompression stages. Oris knows about it for already some years and comes back with a new version of the Regulateur ‘Der Meistertaucher’, a watch intensively thought, built for pro-divers and with the appeal of its original display.

Oris’ reputation in terms of professional-oriented dive watches is not to be proven anymore. Think about the Aquis Depth Gauge, the Prodiver 1000 or simply the Aquis Date. All of them are sturdy, well conceived, purpose-built watches with real recognition as instruments by those who, in the end, have authority: divers. These watches were not created to be desk-divers (even if they might be often use as such… but that’s another debate). In addition to these, Oris has what I consider “a step further” for dive watches, a watch that not only offers the water resistance, the compliance with ISO-6425 standards or the required robustness, but that emphasizes the crucial feature of a dive watch: the minute hand, by relying on a regulator display. The copy watches with self-winding movements the Oris Regulateur ‘Der Meistertaucher’ and, for Baselworld 2017, Oris has decided to give it a facelift, accordingly to the new Aquis collection.


Why highlighting that much the minute hand on a dive watch? In fact, combined to the rotatable bezel, the minute hand is key to calculate remaining dive time and to measure decompression stages, two elements crucial to the security of divers. If you think about it, what should be the best way to have a well highlighted minute hand? The answer is simple: a regulator display. A regulator relies on non-coaxial hands, meaning the hour and minute hands are separated. The minute hand is in the centre, while the hour, an important feature of course but secondary when diving, is shown by a hand on a subdial at 3. This isolates the key piece of information for a diver, who can set dive time by aligning the minute hand to the 60-minute scale on the uni-directional rotating bezel. Other features of this display are a small-second (a running indication is required by ISO standards) and a date.

This feature is key in the unique charm of this ‘Der Meistertaucher’, not a new watch for Oris, however a niche piece that became sort of an icon (In 1999, Oris became the first watch company to introduce this traditional complication into a dive watch). To better integrate the exquisite Oris Aquis replica watches in the collection, the brand gave it the same facelift as the 2017 version of the Aquis, meaning a slightly slimmer case, redesigned crown protection piece, reshaped lugs and different indexes on the dial. Overall, the watch feels a bit more compact than before and also more modern.

The 43.5mm of the Oris fake watches with black dials are entirely devoted to efficiency: lightweight thanks to the use of titanium (for the case, the buckle and the additional bracelet), well protected, designed for divers, with a 300m water resistance and an automatic helium escape valve, secreted on the side of the case at 9, a rubber strap or a bracelet, both with quick-adjust extension system (to strap the watch around a diving suit). The dial also follows the same idea, with clearly identified hands, thanks to bright colors: all secondary indications are white painted (hours, seconds, date, indexes) while the main indications – hours and first 15-minutes of the ceramic bezel’s scale – are painted in bright red. This display is powered by an automatic calibre, the Oris Cal. 749, based on Sellita SW 220-1.

The new Oris Aquis fake watches with steel cases keep the appeal of the model, meaning the unique charm of the regulator (as being one of the only regulator dive watches), combined with a great conception. Complication is here used in one goal only; creating an even safer and more practical watch. This Oris ‘Der Meistertaucher’ is a niche offer but one that is really relevant. The 2017 facelift is welcomed, as bringing modernity to this proper tool. Price: EUR 2,900, including titanium bracelet, additional rubber strap with folding buckle and water-resistant case with strap-changing tools. Available in May 2017.

Julien Tornare Has Been Appointed The New CEO Of Zenith Academy Replica Watches

In January 2017, Jean-Claude Biver announced that he would be acting as interim CEO for Zenith, in addition to staying Head of Watchmaking at LVMH, Chairman of Hublot, and CEO of TAG Heuer. He’s a busy man. At the time, the plan was to find a full time candidate within six months, and now just three months later we’ve got our guy. The news broke today that Julien Tornare is taking over as the top boss at exquisite Zenith Academy replica watches after spending the last 17 years at Vacheron Constantin.

Zenith Academy Replica Watches With Blue Steel Hands
Zenith Academy Replica Watches With Blue Steel Hands

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Today, it was announced that Biver’s pick is Julien Tornare, a real veteran of the watch industry. Tornare has spent the last 17 years at Vacheron Constantin and worked at Raymond Weil for two years prior to that. Most recently at Vacheron, Tornare was in charge of the 13 boutiques in the Asia Pacific market, which he began after supervising the boutiques in both the Swiss and U.S. market’s. In an article announcing the news (in French), Mr. Tornare fully acknowledges the challenge that he will face at Zenith, where he will start at the beginning of next month. He was careful to stress the asset that Zenith’s history represents though and also mentioned that he’s ready to work in collaboration with Jean-Claude Biver, who has clearly communicated that he will remain deeply involved at Zenith for the foreseeable future.

It will be interesting to see the direction that Zenith takes in the next few months, and the balance that it will find between its historical pieces and the more contemporary designs in copy watches with white dials.

HANDS-ON: A Square Peg In A Round Hole – the Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Diver Replica Watches

The first Bell & Ross copy watches with black rubber straps I ever laid my hands on, back in 2008, was the Marine, an uncommon and somewhat unusual beast that took the brand’s trademark dial and transplanted it into a large, 1000m water resistant, tonneau-shaped case that looked like it could handle anything short of being run over by a main battle tank (and even then it’d probably only scratch the case a little). And it turns out that this isn’t the brand’s first foray into the world of hardcore divers (check out the Hydromax). The only issue is that these older models don’t neatly fit into the Bell & Ross family. They’re round pegs trying to fit in a square hole.

The newly minted BR 03-92 Diver has no such problems. Bell & Ross fake watches with self-winding movements have taken the instantly recognisable BR 03 case shape and turned it into their first ever square dive watch. The first thing I thought on seeing it was – why haven’t they done this before?

There is no doubt that the discount BR 03-92 Diver looks every inch the professional diver, as well it should, given that it has all the bells and whistles required by ISO 6425 – the international standard that effectively defines what is and isn’t a dive watch. There’s the crown guard, the 300m of water resistance, clearly different hour and minute hands, and of course that unidirectional dive bezel.

It’s still very much a Bell & Ross: square case with visible screws and solid rubber strap. What I find most interesting are the small evolutions, and the way the amended design plays with the brand’s established DNA. The handset and the applied luminous indices rather than printed Arabic numerals, for example, create a watch that is simultaneously familiar and unfamiliar. The introduction of this square diver is a smart and intriguing move from Bell & Ross Aviation replica watches with black dials, and I’ll be curious to see where it evolves from here.

Three Incredible A. Lange & Söhne Zeitwerk Replica Watches Hands-On

It’s rare enough to go hands-on with one of German watchmaking’s most interesting and iconic pieces, but three at the same time? It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it. We recently pinned down a trio of A. Lange & Söhne Zeitwerk watches – each with their own distinct complication, designed to appeal to very specific types of collectors: the standard version in rose gold, the Striking Time in rose gold, and the Minute Repeater in platinum.

At first glance, the three examples all carry a very similar visual aesthetic, anchored in A. Lange & Söhne’s extremely cool mechanical jumping “digital” display – now a signature for the prestigious Glashütte-based watchmaker. However, the contrasts between each in feature set and price point couldn’t be more different, which is why it’s helpful to have them all in the same room at once. Before we dive too deep into the minutiae that define each Zeitwerk, it’s worth taking a moment to break down what makes their complications different.

For starters, the “standard” variant (somewhat of a misnomer, as even the base-level Zeitwerk is an extremely complex watch) is built around a 41.9mm case and powered by Lange’s calibre L043.1, which displays the time through a series of rotating discs at 3 and 9:00 that “jump” from minute to minute, and hour to hour. Coming in at 44.2mm, the Striking Time is a few hairs larger than the standard best A. Lange & Söhne Zeitwerk fake watches, a size increase which accommodates the added complications necessary for the larger L043.2 caliber which chimes the full and quarter hours as they arrive in two distinctly different tones only when the chime is engaged.

You can see each of the hammer-like gongs positioned at 4 and 7:00, where they strike a carefully tensioned wire driven into the caseband. The third in our trio is the most complex, and arguably the apex of traditional watchmaking expertise – which is likely why Lange opted to release it exclusively in platinum.

The A. Lange & Söhne Zeitwerk Minute Repeater replica watches with self-winding movements accommodates the caliber L043.5 by sharing the same larger 44.2mm case as the Striking Time, but with an added degree of symphonic complexity when its chimes are activated – on demand, unlike the Striking Time – simply by depressing the pusher at 10:00. But rather than chime the hours and quarter-hours as they pass like the Striking Time, the A. Lange & Söhne Zeitwerk Minute Repeater chimes the current time, right down to the very minute, using a combination of unique notes: a low tone for each elapsed hour, a high/low tone combo for 10-minute intervals, and a crisp, high tone for each elapsed minute.

The entire sequence takes much longer than the exquisite A. Lange & Söhne Zeitwerk Striking Time, but it’s a delight for the ears, and one that must simply be heard to be fully appreciated. The Zeitwerk Minute Repeater also carries the distinction of being the world’s first watch with both a mechanical jumping numeral display and a “decimal” minute repeater, making it something of a rare bird in already very rare company.

From a practical standpoint, each A. Lange & Söhne Zeitwerk brings its own unique functionality to the table, but on the wrist, those differences become much more subtle – especially given the dial similarity of each. The 44.2mm A. Lange & Söhne Zeitwerk Minute Repeater with its 14.1mm height and platinum case (known to be a much more dense metal than gold) naturally carries the heaviest wrist presence, but not by much – as it compares to the other two, which differ by no more than 1.5mm in height and case size. Contemporary proportions, for sure, but the visual “lightness” of the dials enable each A. Lange & Söhne Zeitwerk to wear subtly smaller than its specs belie.

But back to the Minute Repeater’s L043.5 caliber, which houses a gobsmacking 771 parts (93 of which are jewels) and a healthy degree of added complexity, compared to just over four and five hundred parts for the standard and Striking Time variants, respectively. One other note on the relative practicality of the A. Lange & Söhne Zeitwerk range is how the power reserve for each is a somewhat sub-standard 36 hours with a full wind. That said, bear in mind the amount of power it takes to “jump” the hour/minute discs and activate the chiming gongs (in some cases – simultaneously) results in considerable more drain than the demands of a traditional manually-wound mainspring – even at the 18,000bph.

Keeping this in mind, it makes perfect sense that each dial prominently exhibits a power reserve indicator at 12:00. The power reserve indicator on the A. Lange & Söhne fake watches with rose golden or steel cases differ ever so slightly in that it carries a red dot indicating the minimum amount of remaining power required to activate the sonnerie.

But besides the overall similarity in dial layout and case design, if there’s one common theme that unites these three copy watches with brown and black leather straps (and A. Lange & Söhne as a whole) is the absolutely heroic level of finishing that goes into each dial and movement. All the usual exemplary signatures of an A. Lange & Söhne are here; the precision-beveled, polished, and striped movement bridges and the hand-engraved balance cock.

But the dials – particularly those of the sonnerie variants – are extra unique. Here, the gongs are not just visible, but carry some equally impressive finishing; mirror-polished fronts, beveled edges, and grained sides. The end result is both subtle and spectacular as it contrasts the brushed gold that frames the hour and minute apertures.

Historically speaking, sonnerie watches like these Zeitwerk examples (with the exception of the standard, of course) have deep roots not only in fine watchmaking, but utility as well. Long before the complication was reserved for the annuls of haute horology (and long before the widespread advent of electricity), it was the only means available that could deliver the time in complete darkness.

It’s a particular thrill to see this unique complication juxtaposed against the classically sleek, avant-garde design language that’s long defined A. Lange & Söhne, but like any truly great watch, it comes at a price. Cased in two different precious metals, and powered by three distinctly different complications, the pricing for each A. Lange & Söhne Zeitwerk copy watches with white dials differs a fair bit. The standard A. Lange & Söhne Zeitwerk Zeitwerk in rose gold starts around $70,000, whereas the A. Lange & Söhne Zeitwerk Striking Time in rose gold has a price of $117,500, and the A. Lange & Söhne Zeitwerk Minute Repeater cast in platinum goes for $467,700.

First Look – The Tudor Heritage Black Bay Steel & Date Replica Watches Ref. 79730 (Availability, Specs & Price)

As part of the newly presented 2017 Collection, Tudor introduced one big novelty, a chronograph with a new movement (and, as of now, you should be aware of the Breitling provenance) but it’s not the one we’ll talk about today. We’d like to take more time before going on this specific watch, as it deserves to be looked with a clear mind. Yet, the second big news for Tudor was the introduction of the Date on the Heritage Black Bay, a feature that will certainly please many end consumers, and that comes along a new design, with a brushed stainless steel bezel – and believe it or not, but it does change drastically the look of the watch. Here are our first impressions about the exquisite Tudor Heritage Black Bay Steel & Date Ref. 79730 replica watches.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay Steel Date 79730

Let’s first draw the context. We are, Frank Geelen and I, proud owners of the 1st generation of the Tudor fake watches with black dials, both of us with a midnight blue bezel. While the burgundy edition was probably not for us, the blue version was love at first sight. Just saying this to explain that we perfectly know the watch, in all aspects, and that we love it. This might give a bit of partiality when talking about this model, in both directions. Changing a watch, adding a steel bezel, and mainly, adding a date to a model known for its pure look, could have well been dangerous. But yet, the combination of both features, and not just one of them, is relevant, clever and in a way, justified – the addition of the date on the burgundy, blue or black versions would certainly make less sense. More than just a visual update, the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Steel & Date Ref. 79730 actually has a different taste. More practical, more modern, more toolish too.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay Steel Date 79730

One of the greatest features of the Heritage Black Bay has always been its contrast, between the colored bezel and the matte black dial. With the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Steel, we move to a much more Monochrome look (pun-intended). Still, this is what the steel  cases copy watches version is: a monochromatic and technical version. Say goodbye to the dramatic vintage flair of the “colored” versions, this steel Black Bay, with its cold, toolish style, plays on different levels. Basically, it is just a switch of bezel insert, as the anodized aluminum ring, flat and with printed numerals and track, is replaced by a steel, brushed and engraved version. Not only the look differs, but also the proportions on the wrist. The dial feels more opened and more present than before, as more contrasted in this light and metallic bezel/case set.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay Steel Date 79730

This also gives the self-winding movements Tudor Heritage Black Bay Steel & Date Ref. 79730 replica watches, despite the use of the exact same case as before (41mm in diameter), a less compact feel on the wrist. The watch fees slightly more present, more opened than before, without being bulky either. When worn on the steel bracelet, which is showing the now traditional riveted style of the collection, the watch feels much more modern and technical. It is bright, but not shiny (almost all plan surfaces are brushed) and legibility is as good as with the rest of the collection. And this slight (on paper) but quite important visual update (on the wrist) feels really coherent with the addition of the date, an also modern feature.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay Steel Date 79730

While the Tudor Heritage Black Bay has been praised by “hardcore” collectors for its nude, no-date display, the lack of a quantième on the dial was certainly problematic for some end-customers (more normal people that don’t dream watches at night). We hear quite often complaints about the presence of a date on a dial, which sometimes makes sense (both for the balance of a design or for historical relevance), but allow me two comments: first of all, many of the young-timers Tudor Submariner, including the ref. 79190 from 1995 (in which I see the inspiration for this Black Bay Steel) had a date window. Then, not all (and actually many) potential buyers of this new Black Bay Steel are long-time collectors. Thus, a date could be an important factor here. Plus, the integration is classical, with a window at 3, with a white disc that echoes the white index at 9, and no cyclops has been applied on the crystal (to avoid a too-Rolex style).

Tudor Heritage Black Bay Steel Date 79730

In the end, I have to say that the date created at first a strange feel on me, as an owner of the 1st-gen BB, but as a watch-journalist, I have to agree on the relevance of the combination date / steel bezel, which creates a more modern and more technical look to a watch that always played on the vintage trend.

For the rest, the steel crowns Tudor copy watches remain the watch we praise for now 5 years: good proportions (41mm case), perfect execution of the case and bracelet, always that additional fabric strap in the box (here in khaki green, and really good looking), the oversized crown, unprotected, the sufficient 200m water resistance, the cool iconic elements (red text, red triangle, polished bevel on the lugs, snow flake hands, domed matte dial, domed sapphire crystal), plus a touch of modernity with the in-house MT5612 calibre (shared with the Pelagos), with comfortable 70h power reserve, silicon balance spring (a-magnetic) and COSC certification.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay Steel Date 79730

Overall, even if the shield doesn’t really move out of its comfort zone, as still playing on the success of the BB, this new Tudor Heritage Black Bay Steel Ref. 79730 is coherent and achieved. No doubt that with its date and more modern look, it will attract new collectors, maybe less sensitive to the vintage flair of the previous versions, but praising practicality. The watch will be available in stored in June 2017 and priced at EUR 3,260 / CHF 3,300 on leather and EUR 3,560 / CHF 3,600 on steel bracelet.