The Moon Has So Many Colors – Charming Replica Zenith Watches With Moonphase Display

At the same time, with a same still can be seen different colors. Different fashion styles, different views of the moon, today, I’d like to show you several eye-catching watches with charming mooonphase display to show you different moonlight.

Yellow dial fake Zenith Elite watches

A full moon should be as golden as a bronze mirror. Just as this replica Zenith watch, with whole precious gold matching sparkling diamonds, so dazzling and glaring. Silver pointers upon the dial outlines a concise dial design, also setting a moonphase display at 6 o’clock position, highlighting the whole design.

Red dial replica Zenith Elite watches

Sometime, we also would see the red moon, with charming red color, easily attracting a lot of people. For this replica Zenith watch which also adopted the bright red color and shining diamonds, that presents the red moon in the sky. 33mm delicate dial scattered soft light, like the moonlight pouring, although setting up a small second dial, combining with the thin dial, also eye-catching enough.