Watch Story Bonded By Swiss Fake Breitling And Omega

Craig Wright And His Swiss movement fake Omega Seamaster 300 SPECTRE Limited Edition
For Craig, a native of Scotland, the top quality replica Omega Seamaster he bought in 2015 carries a lot of numerical significance in his life. Not only was it produced in the birth year of his son, the 7,007 pieces that were created of this limited edition watch coincide with his birthdate – July 7. At the time of recording this video, Craig was a few weeks away from having a brain tumor removed. The watch is a special piece he wants to pass on to his son, Jacob.

Update. An email from Craig on December 15, 2020: “The surgery was a major success, and they managed a complete removal of the tumor on June 8 and the biopsy results came back grade 2 astrocytoma, which in simple terms is non-cancerous, which is really good as well. Still in recovery but back at work on a part-time basis and no long-term side effects. Also, in between posting that video, my wife had our second little boy named Joshua Bond Wright (big James Bond fan, haha) born on October 20, so it’s been quite an eventful year.”
Matt Krajewski And His 44 mm fake Breitling Superocean

Matt is an architect living in New York City. As a youngster, he would visit his father in Puerto Rico, and the memories of him wearing cheap fake Breitling watches left a lasting impression on Matt. His father, who is now in his 70s, recently purchased a Breitling Avenger with the same case size and color as Matt’s Superocean. Matt loves knowing that they’re not only bonded as father and son but as Breitling-wearers as well.